Writer’s Block

 . . . is something every writer stumbles into. However, there are a few ways for you to create a secret trapdoor out of it.

Change Something.

-Add a character

-Suddenly alter a character’s alliance. Does a villain turn good? Does a hero fade to the dark side?

-Write a new setting (place) and describe as much of it as you can.

Let Yourself Think.


-Drive (if you’re old enough to)

-Do something you enjoy


This is a huge one. Allow other writers to help get words and ideas flowing. But remember – no copyrighting, unless it’s a fanfiction.

Read through old notes, jot books or journals.

Read books you enjoy or are interested in.

Read through your work so far and edit it.


-Set a timer and force yourself to write for a certain amount of time (you choose)

-Keep a goal tracker of how many words per day.

Sorry for the late update. I hope this short post helps you be free of writer’s block. It is something everyone finds themselves in; but it depends how you decide to deal with it. Happy writing.