Villains and How to make the Worthy Opponants


Villains are the ones who will keep the story going by harming/chasing/other your main character(s). 

In a Man vs Man story: The villain will be a physical being, a human or animal, depending on who you choose to write about.  It could be a spider, if that’s what you character fears.  The villain could be a creepy dude in a black trench coat and a briefcase with sunglasses.  You have many possibilities here. I suggest…

– They have something/someone the main character wants or needs

– The main character has something/someone the villain wants or needs

– They are both capable of the same things (if it’s a fantasy world, they could both be excellent sword fighters…)

– Pick a personality and stick with it: The villain is either serious, or hilarious. They can’t be serious but then tell a joke. They’re threatening, or makes bargains. They’re smart, or have a henchman do it all for them.  They’re strong and tall, or they have numerous bodyguards. What you character is like will determine how they act.

In a Man vs Nature story: The villain would be something found in nature, like a storm or tornado, tree or ocean. A few ideas I will suggest . . .

– Your main character has to stop a volcano from erupting (like in How to Twist a Dragon’s Tale by Cressida Cowell)

– Escape from a cavern or hidden fortress below water. Perhaps flee from a tsunami.

– Fire

– Forest

In a Man vs Self story: The villain is something the main character struggles with, like stress or depression. It is something within them self they are trying to overcome or fight.

– Fear

– Mourning or grief

– Stress/Anxiety/Depression (S.A.D.)

– Hatred towards someone or something; an old grudge

I hope this post will help you develop your villains! Happy writing!