The Beginning

The girl lay half submerged in broken ice.  She was soaked, lost, and unconscious. She had been running towards her past, held over water, and then thrown into the depths.  She sunk, and somehow found her way to surface in the shallows.

Her breath, ragged and raspy, was faint, and her eyes fluttered, as though she were attempting to force herself awake to cease dreaming.  

She was burdened with blue robes, the opposite color of the riled water around her.  Her feet bare animal hide boots, and a cloak kept her body mainly hidden from above. A black crossbow, which was now resting at the bottom of the lake with the fish, was her second choice weapon.  

She gasped, then broke into a fit of uncontrollable coughing, sending echoes spinning around the silence.  Her pale blue eyes refused to operate, so revealed to her blurred vision. Blinking a few times helped as she struggled to her feet.  She winced in pain, and cautiously half climbed, half crawled, from the grasp of the freezing lake. She stood, banishing ice shards from her clothes.  

The girl started forwards, hoping to shield her face from the howling winds with one arm.  

Hidden at the edge of a forest neighbouring the lake, a dozen soldiers waited.

Squish, step.  Squish, step.

She proceeded further, determined to find shelter.

The men readied their crossbows in a series of silent clicks.  An ambush.

Why was she running?  Why are soldiers after her?  Why was she heading into a dark forest?  Does she acknowledge what lurks in the shadows,  or is she simply seeking a place to hide? Most importantly though: Who is she?

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