I have self-published my first book! (Cue dragon-lit fireworks!) 

fireworks 2.gif


It is the first book in the Defenders of Lord Havom series, called the Lake of Fire.  

Lake of Fire
Published Spring 2018

But let me back up a step.  In November I participated in NaNoWriMo (national novel writing month) where the goal was to write 50,000 words in one month. Fifty thousand words. One month. Thirty days. One novel. 1667 words a day. It was awesome!  So in January and February they sent me a few emails about editing and polishing (I had written Defenders 3 in November) and then one day, an email about publishing arrives.  NaNo recommended IngramSpark, a self-publishing website. 


After my Mom and I entered all the info we had to know (including prices, trim sizes, book types, etc) we had to send the PDF files of the cover (which we had to design ourselves) and the interior in to Ingram Spark. However, an error message kept popping up about the cover. The cover had been put together originally on a Google Drawings, and when saved to a PDF, was the wrong size according to the length and width decided earlier.  That’s why we chose to send it to the professionals to fix the details, and they made the cover and interior both amazing! We’d sent the two pictures without edits, the PDF file I had saved through Google Docs, and the PDF drawing so Word-2-Kindle knew what we were looking for. Now my book is much more professional! (Thanks Nick!)

The ten copies we ordered have arrived, so now I can share my novel with my friends and family, and hopefully with libraries and bookstores in the summer.

If you want to read this fantasy novel of mine, search up Defenders of Lord Havom on

Syrene Pectar remembers very little of her first years. All she knows about her parents is that one was an elf, the other a human. She wants them to find her so much, that she even stages a heist so she can to get noticed by the public, for she needs to get her name out there. But a strange encounter in the Seaskri Forest is enough to set her on a different quest. Finding who betrayed her family. And defeating them.