Riddlesolver’s Apprentice Corner

This corner is for those who aren’t professionals when it comes to solving riddles.  (This section is mainly for her friend, you know who you are.)

My riddles that are easier are presented here for you, and I encourage you to try.  If you agree, you are on your way to becoming a master Riddlesolver.  Good luck on your quest for answers!

Tips for solving riddles:

  • Read it over a few times, aloud or in your head
  • Compare lines (ex. What can do this and looks like this?)
  • Think outside the box, word play is often incorporated.
  • Have fun. Don’t get stressed if you can’t understand/answer immediately.


What stains the skies with red bloods?

Devours the light, so darkness then floods?

The west is it’s ambush

The moon it shall push

Scrubbing the stars like soap suds.

What Stains the Skies Answer


Remove my mask to reveal another

My true self I always try to smother

Listen to my music but if there is none

My weapon isn’t liquid, but only to stun

Remove my mask Answer


If you enter my mouth, beware

My spit is cold as ice

My teeth are still as stone

You’d be tasty along with mice

If you enter Answer


Black am I

A color dark

I rule the night

But daytime disembark.

Cower behind you

Or hurry on ahead

If you come close to an object

I merge and have bled

Black am I Answer