Riddle of the Week (August 12)

The largest thing you can think of

A surge that lives in your mind

The greatest thing you can dream

The best thing that you can find.

Stronger when you are young

Until reality demands to be heard

Close your eyes to see every picture

Block your ears to hear every word.

As you try to guess my name

I am working, even now

Tell me who I am and then

I’ll tip my hat and bow.

Riddle of the Week August 12 Answer

Riddle of the Week (July 29)

I am a Whisper

That becomes a roar

Whenever you listen

I become more.

Without me you fail

But having me may cause harm

I don’t always become reality

And  I may provoke alarm.

I am a fuel

Yet an obstacle as well

You may choose to ignore me

For it could be swell.

I bring joy and despair

But you’ll never know which

Unless you follow me

And flip on my switch.

Riddle of the Week July 29 Answer

Riddle of the Week (July 22)

I take you far from where you are

Yet you never leave, but some believe

I hold dreams inside my seams

That can show, entertain, or have you know

My heart is cream or white

And my markings are often the color of night

My coverings are soft or thick

I hold lands of wood or brick

And to get through me can be fast or quick

So speak my name and then go claim

For me to say: “This is the way!”

To great adventures you’ll have with me.

I am a book.

A Poem for July 1st

White and red

Three sections like a storm

A leaf in the center, led

Canada to form.

So today we celebrate 

And remember back those years

For the future will await

Triumphs, falls, and tears.

And as we think to the beginning

We remember who we are

Stand true, believe, hold fast, while grinning

Whether near or far.

We are together here

To continue living in unity

Differences aside, we’re

In one community.

As we see the flags around

And be glad for this day

Be ready to make a joyful sound

Even if the storm is gray.