HOW TO self-PUBLISH A BOOK: Guide for Teenagers

Step 1: Create characters and the setting.

Step 2: Have some idea in your head or written down of what is going to occur in your book.

Step 3: Write! Don’t give up on your goal and dream! (This may be one of the hardest steps, so motivate yourself! Also see Writing for Those Who Enjoy It for help if you have writers block are aren’t feeling the flow.)

Step 4: Share your story with friends and family. Remember that they are supporting you, not judging you. Accept feedback, then roll into step five which is it .  .  .

(drumroll please)

Step 5: Edit.

Step 6: Update

Step 7: Print and edit on paper

Step 8: Get a sibling, friend, teacher, or parent to edit on paper

Step 8: Update edits on paper to computer

Step 9: Proofread on computer or other device, then edit again

Step 10: Once your book is exactly how you want it to be (free of typos, errors, and plot holes), go to the website Ingram Spark and start an account.

Step 11: Look around the site and start.

Step 12: Fill out all the steps and forms that come up after clicking Add New Title.

Step 13: Good luck! (That’s all I can say here.)

Step 14: Turn your document into a PDF (If google doc: file, download as, PDF) and go to Word-2-Kindle, which is the site to use for proper formatting and designing a professional cover. Submit your PDF(s) to them. One for interior, one for a rough draft of the cover. A picture is the best way for the cover.) Let them know if there are any tweaks you want them to make (headings with chapter titles and author’s name) and they will do it.

Step 15: Proofread your new copy of your book online. It should be sent by email to you.

Step 16: Submit the PDF files of your interior and your cover to Ingram Spark. 

Step 17: Bite your nails as you wait for it to be approved.

Step 18: Once you can order copies of your book from Ingram, that probably means it is also available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

Step 19: Buy copies of your book and make money from every sale!

Step 20: Read your own REAL copy of YOUR WORK and start writing another amazing novel.

Step 21: Change the world.