Greetings and welcome to the world of Befôre, Land of Irtaa Kertgo, and the realm of Kiborha.

Title: Awake, Awoke

Status: Completed and developmentally edited. (Draft 4. 68,000 words.)


Healing takes energy and time.

Yithmora is low on both.

She has the ability to heal others, sacrificing part of her lifespan with each cure. And her lifespan is dwindling. When she wakes from an eight hundred year coma and learns she has less than a year to live, she risks losing it all. She must face plague-carrying insects guarding the gateway of time to return home and restore her lifespan. Along the way, she begins to realize how much the future needs her, but her generosity could cost her her life.

Meanwhile, eight hundred years earlier, fifteen-year-old Rin Tathalian is little more than a slave. Afraid of his own mind control capabilities, he must confront his fears to rescue his parents from a greedy general. Surrounded by betrayal, hidden pasts, slavery and war; a string of seemingly random explosions is the least of his concerns.

Timelines merge in unexpected ways, and hard truths must be revealed to clear a path home. For them both.

Title: Defenders of Lord Havom #1 Lake of Fire

Status: self-published!


Everything pointed back to the Lake of Fire.

The vision, the sword, all of it.

Just when she thought she had finally forgotten.

Syrene Pectar is on the run. She had not only stolen the king’s prized jewel, but also an ancient sword. And now, due to her thievery, all of Irtaa Kertgo knows her name.

When Syrene faces questions about the Defenders of Lord Havom, she meets a wise cherub named Mira who tells her that the fire lurking in Syrene’s past is still burning.

The Lake of Fire still lives.

And the world needs a hero.

Series: Defenders of Lord Havom  books 2-7

Status: First drafts to be rewritten. Groundwork is there, but needs revisions.

2 – Cave of Tears 


Time sealed the ancient entrance

With hope it would be lost forever.

But a beast broke free. . .

Irtaa Kertgo is in the midst of a war. Syrene Pectar, once a thief, now trains to become a FadithRider. Thrown into her first battle, Syrene is determined to find an alternative solution for peace.

Difelt Orve is a runaway. Raised as a DragonCager’s apprentice, he yearns to free the power-wielding creatures he’d been taught to imprison. 

The Cave of Tears is open.

And the treasure within holds a powerful secret.

3 – Island of Hope 

4 – Forest of Bones

5 – Forge of Traitors

6 – River of Echoes 

7 – Dusk of Fadiths 

Prequel: Before the Stars were Forgotten (unfinished)

Series: The Eighth Magician Trilogy (co-authored by me and my sister)

1 – The Eighth Magician (first draft)

2 – The Sky Source (paused)

3 – The Wish Granter (in developing stages)