A little about me . . .

Annika Crum devoted her childhood to the consumption of books, especially ones with dragons. Inspired by the sense of wonder aroused from creation, she found a passion for crafting her own worlds and soon fell in love with the fantasy genre. She mentors young writers on Brett Harris’s Young Writer’s Workshop. When she’s not writing her own novels, she shelves the books of those who have gone before at the local library.

I am currently querying my 70,000 word YA fantasy manuscript, “Awake, Awoke” and serving as a mentor on the Young Writer’s Workshop while editing my novel “Legend of My People” and drafting “The Negotiation War”. You can find my published novella “Defenders of Lord Havom: Lake of Fire” at Amazon, Barnes and Nobles, Booktopia, and more.

Please note that you are free to share these riddles with friends and family, but you must contact for permission if you wish to publish them in any form of writing. Thank you.

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