Codes From My Novels

These are most of the riddles and codes present in the Defenders series.  I hope you enjoy solving the riddles, and puzzling over the codes. (Especially the Nine-Three Code :))

Lake of Fire


One door leads to the Lake

a place feared by many,

In order to choose which one to take

Puzzle this and riddle that but don’t just choose any.

One of these seven doors leads to a different world

If you open that one far away you will be whirled.

Four of them are leading to each of the kingdoms four

They stick to the ends and there’s no way of knowing which one’s worth more.

The left of the fourth takes you to a village,

A creepy land of no peace where fadiths have to pillage.

Of the remaining two,

Find the door that’s right for you.


If you wan t2 ct he nite ag N, send this mess age bak B4 the *mid* knight aft her two night.  You mu sttell know 1.  U ma st kum with owt NE weh pawns.  Dside quic klee.  Wheel b weighting.


Nerve r think your exist aunts is hid den.  U’ll bee founds ooni ton lytake stime.  Stranger ogued oesn take much moore.  Sew eyem hear.  4 yours kill shope you jo in B4 it’s 2 L8.  Eventually eye fin du.  



(The secret) Fire is found where heat is.  If you create it, where the fire is (lies) becomes burned.  Sparks are found (in fire).  Water, whether ice-water or (burning water) regular is powerful.  Fire makes light.  (Bright.) All you have to do is pick a place and make (set) your wood.  (Your) fire can be used for cooking, attacking, and lighting.  Some fire is lost or (hidden) gone.  Fire is longed for (desire).  Fire (reveal the) shows the way in the dark.  (Blank) water can become ice.  Fire is orange, red, and yellow.  It burns leaves, scrolls, (page) and books.  (From) The library you can find lots of books, none of which are fireproof.  Fire, water, and wind are (the) strong elements.  (Sun) Light is hot as well, with is the same heat from fire.  Fire (light) is important and a useful tool.  



Vice ice

Naturall nature

Yepp pep

Look lok

Off of

Chat chaea

Rat sat


The entrance is found at the nod of four wings.  Form may trick, but he is there. The last rival is where gardens of first await arrival.  The cave of tears holds truth dare. A song jogs memory to conceal triad. Prophecy guides south.  Healing crown of amethysts and emeralds. Interpreter holds dreams in the mouth. A rival and a jewel combined sways hands, guarded by elf stranger; while jewel effects water, trees, rocks and sky, must be the jewel of nature.  And last, a blade that burns it’s foes, delivers harm, fire-sea it knows. These things recorded may only be read, not stolen nor told to another, can’t be seen in future or thought in head, yet known by the protector and her mother.

Go to the Cave of Tears.



Night deceives guidance

But day leads you to it

Do not face the shadow’s trail

But flee far from it

The teeth are sharp and open

Waiting for water and sugar..

They once lived the life of a beggar, but no longer

Minus the g, take heed to this clue

They are soon forgotten, ‘cept the fadith makes two.


Lyt iz wun

Tiem unuthr

But nolage iz wair tha r set toogeter

No moretal can hold

Thare powres

But with theam darrknes iz banised

Downn ondre


E43  C61 Y12  I53 A32 N35  T71 U23 A41 T36  O62 O72 E14 M63 R24  E34 L52 V54 M81 S11 N15  Y21 I93 E55 R33 R13 E64 P31  R42 O22 E16 A51 S37 E82 A91 R92


M31  N62  D16  O53  W21  Y73  U82  E33  L23  F11  U13  C61  A72  ’T64  A91  E42 N14  O25  C83  L24  S71  I93  O52  I22  H84  S51  R92  M41  O12  T34  C62  W26  N54  M81  E32


V44  T61  N13  O72  B91  E32  I12  S75  L41  O52  D14  H62  N93  A43  T76  S22  W31  R53  E74  F11  O81  E63  O92  E42  F51  E95  F82  F71  U21  S96  R73  E45  2.7.

I will add riddles and codes from Forest of Bones when I have finished writing it.  Check out Defenders to see some of my work.