A.C. Cartography has launched!

Exciting news! It’s finally happening! My map making business is now available! The Author Conservatory who teaches writing and business skills to prepare students for careers as authors, and so I crafted this business with guidance from two of the incredible business instructors.

You know how hard it is to create an amazing looking fantasy map that authentically captures the world you’ve imagined? You’ve worked so hard to fit every detail of your world together…now you need someone to bring it to life!

  • We’ll collaborate closely to nail down all the details and aesthetic so the map style enhances your story world.
  • Your map will be created with the industry leading Inkarnate Pro map software, so your rough sketch will be transformed into a beautiful, high quality cartograph.
  • You’ll get two rounds of large-scale revisions, so the final version will match your vision.
  • Every map comes with an after-care package of additional small-scale revisions after the original commission, providing flexibility and a peace of mind that your map can expand and change alongside your world.
  • Your map comes with a commercial license, so you’ll have the freedom to publish your map in any format, including books.

To celebrate my grand opening, I’m offering a 10% off discount. This offer will be ending in a week (the last day to book a spot and get the discount is April 12th), so if you’re interested in working together to create a beautiful fantasy map, head over to the inquiry form through this link: https://39vu80lnf4d.typeform.com/to/oM9Rsp9p

Curious to see examples of my work, read testimonials, or explore FAQs? Check out https://annikacrum.com/map-commissions

If you know anyone who might be interested, please consider passing this along 🙂

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