I finished my novel!

On February 22, 2023, I wrote the words “The End”. After about 5-6 months of drafting, my illusionist novel is done! This novel was unlike any I’ve ever written before, and it wouldn’t have been possible without so many mentors and friends who cheered me on. Giant thank yous to Katie Phillips for working alongside me to shape this story, The Author Conservatory, and everyone who has encouraged me along the way from concept to first draft!

Fabrication is…
78,000 words long
YA High Fantasy
About illusionists
An exploration of beauty

“Journey before destination” is one of my favourite lines from Brandon Sanderson’s Stormlight Archive, and it describes the process of this novel quite well. I learned to keep the end in mind, but not fixate on it. Working through the process with the Author Conservatory deepened my characters, plot, and themes significantly. Had I started writing after the first, second, or even third version of my synopsis, it would have been a much weaker story. Don’t rush. Trust every part of the process, and celebrate every step forward!

(PS. You can read a sneak peek of the first chapter on annikacrum.com!)

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