National Silver Medal with Distinction

GRAD DRESS REVEAL! I have AMAZING news regarding my high school graduation! I am no longer attending the HCOS graduation in person.

What?! Why not? And what about the dress??

Here’s the story. 😉

Grad Dress Reveal

Initially, I planned to attend the grad ceremony in Vancouver to celebrate with Heritage Christian Online School. However, I recently heard incredible news from the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards.

I submitted a writing portfolio including the first chapters of my novels “Awake, Awoke”, “The Negotiation War”, and “Defenders of Lord Havom”, along with my two short stories “Forbidden Numbers”, “Starfall”, and a collection of poetry.

My portfolio won a Regional Gold Key Award, and the first chapter of “Awake, Awoke” won a Regional Silver Key! My portfolio was advanced to national level and I recently was awarded the honor of a National Silver Medal with Distinction. This places me among the top 1% of 100,000 candidates!

Regional Gold Key Award
Regional Silver Key Award
National Silver Medal with Distinction

The Scholastic Award ceremony will take place in New York City at Carnegie Hall, a day before the HCOS in-person graduation. After careful thought, reflection, discussion, and prayer, I have decided to attend the Scholastic Award ceremony instead of my high school graduation. Although I am disappointed that I am unable to attend my grad in person, I could not have achieved this without my time as an online student.

In New York, I will not only meet other writers, but the jurors of the Scholastic Awards and editors of Scholastic Inc! This is a big next step for me in my writing career and my goals for life. I still plan to attend the VCS grad with a friend and will join the virtual HCOS graduation later in June. Instead of wearing this dress at my high school graduation, I get to wear it at Carnegie Hall in New York while receiving a National Silver Medal for my writing!


  1. This is such an incredible opportunity! You have worked really hard to get to this place and it is such an honor for you to be chosen for this award at Carnegie Hall, NY, of all places! Wish I could be there to celebrate with you!


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