Reaching “The End”


The Negotiation War is DONE at 65,000 words at almost 280 pages (279 😄). I absolutely LOVED writing this one and it’s bittersweet have reached the end at last.

The Process
July 2021: Idea and Brainstorming
August-September 2021: Outlining
October 2021-March 2022: Writing

A brief teaser…

For years, socially disgraced Dau poaches fathom eggs in the Screaming Cliffs to trade for provisions by day, and ties herself to her raft beneath the floating city to survive the storms by night. Believing she can earn society’s acceptance by achieving a great feat, Dau risks her life daily to return with treasures from the mountains.

Determined to prove her worth, Dau’s chance arises when a monstrous fathom dubbed Horror attacks her sea bound city. Yellow lightning flashes in vertical strikes, and her people, the Pelagians, are desperate to conduct a Negotiation War to earn the right to hunt and slay the dangerous beast.

Though the circumstances are unusual, and no one can explain why a hibernating fathom would erupt from its underground den, the Pelagians immediately agree to a Negotiation War with their neighbors, the animal-loving Tulatias, and scope out worthy representatives to compete as warrior-negotiators.

Now that The Negotiation War is complete, I am ready for my next great adventure and beyond . . . 😊 My new goal is to prepare pitching materials for The Negotiation War and dive into editing Legend of My People.

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