New Project Milestone

After a year of editing my high fantasy novel, “Awake, Awoke”, 2021 was the year to dive into new writing projects. From February until July, I wrote a novel called “Legend of My People” and started brainstorming my next project almost immediately after finishing. After developing my story idea for two months and creating a solid outline, I was ready to begin.

Traditionally in November, I participate in NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month). However, since I wanted to focus on producing quality words over quantity, as well as spend more time in my new project, I decided to set a different goal for myself. In October and November, I wrote 500 words a day, totaling at 30,000 words in my new project.

October 2021 Word Count Tracking
November 2021 Word Count Tracking

My self-published bookDefenders of Lord Havom: Lake of Fire” has a total length of 30,000 words, while my new project “The Negotiation War” just reached 30,000 words and I am only at the first plot point. I am not even close to halfway through it. It will be a long book!

While “Legend of My People” is in the hands of my beta reading crew, I will continue drafting “The Negotiation War” into the new year.

Here is a sneak peak of my current description!

Killing a nightmare isn’t easy. Especially with cultural rules in play. As firstborn, hence lowly and disgraced, Dau believes she will be loved and accepted by society if she does something great to prove she is worthy. Her chance arises when a dragon-like beast under the protection of the Tulatia nation attacks her home. To earn the right to hunt and slay Horror, the monster terrorizing her floating city, Dau must compete in the perilous Negotiation War. Traitors emerge on both sides, replacement warrior-negotiators are waiting to step in if she fails, and she doesn’t know who she can trust. Relying on the wrong person could result in her elimination . . . or worse.

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