Behind the Scenes

Since February, I have been drafting a new writing project, Legend of My People. This post is a behind the scenes sneak peek into all the details!

Title: Legend of My People

Genre: Fantasy

Type: Novel

Estimated Completion Length: 50,000 words

Premise: A native girl must find the legendary treasure of her people before foreigners can claim her destiny for themselves.

Main Character: Tatch Mershan causes trouble everywhere she goes, believing she will find clues for the thousand year old Myriad Trove that most consider a folk tale. Over the centuries, thousands of explorers have searched for its location, motivated by legends of wealth and riches. But it remains lost to time, and no one understands Tatch’s obsession.

It is so fun and refreshing to write Tatch! After a year and a half of editing “Awake, Awoke”, I love diving into a new world and new characters. Tatch is especially fun since she’s a hilarious character who is very disciplined and determined. When her partner goes missing pursuing information about a clue, she fears venturing outside the Thirty-Second-of-Eighty Village, preferring to work at an antique shop and cling to a faint hope that a clue will cross her path there.

She is from the Sea Realm, a Coralese, and has heightened senses like all of her people. However, strangely, she can only enhance one sense at a time, and half of them don’t work well. Enhanced touch makes her extremely sensative, while super sight results in seeing the past versions of those around her. Like her people, her senses malfunction when she is exposed to darkness, and it is a constant struggle to keep her focus in the light.

Projected Completion Date: July or August 2021

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