Edits Transform a Story

This month, I completely finished updating professional developmental edits for one of my two main characters! I received two hundred and eight-five comments back from my editor on June 9th, 2020, and my average updated chapters per month was three. In November, however, I worked hard until I was happy with ten completed chapters, finishing off one of my main character’s plots.

Yithmora’s timeline had much bigger changes than Rin’s, so I am pleased to announce her story has been strengthened and finalized. A few of the most major changes for her storyline are: 

1 Removing an entire character and replacing him with another more important character who needed more time active in the story.

2 Rewriting the first chapter (twice!)

3 Adding a new concept – plague-carrying insects called zik-ziks who live in hives under the sand

4 Giving Yithmora a whole new ending facing down a migration of zik-ziks

5 Fleshing out her personality and emotional reactions

Now, Rin’s nine chapters remain, and draft four will be done!

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