Feedback from a Pro

Annika Crum, Writing Process Update

On June 9th, exactly a year ago, I had written the very first scene that would become the prologue of Awake, Awoke. Amazingly, that was the exact date one year later when I received professional developmental edits back from my editor.

And I’ve been working through those edits since.

So far, I have eleven pages of notes, post-it-notes scattered across my desk, a stack of (untouched) nonfiction writing books, and two books of character traits due to arrive in the mail.

At first, I tried to read through too many edits too fast. I was quickly overwhelmed and discouraged. My brain actually shut down for a few days. However, with each correction I make and every chapter I change, I make progress and have fun.

I know some writers who dread the editing process. For me, I feel energized by digging deeper to the roots of the story. It took courage to start and I know this is massive step in my writing journey.

Thank you for following these updates, and I wish you a long summer 🙂

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