Workshops and a Professional Editor

Happy Easter! I hope you all are well.

Since January, I’ve been editing the first book I wrote in November which I’ve renamed “Awake, Awoke.” The story is young adult fantasy about a girl who wakes up eight hundred years in the future. I learned how much a draft can change in later stages. For instance, I have removed three characters and added an important concept. I had printed the very original copy of this novel, and now laugh at the thought of how different it is.

Through February and March I took two workshops from a professional editor: plotting and deep point of view. In early May, I am going to send in my manuscript to her for developmental edits! This is a bounding leap that I’m thrilled to share with you.

Along with all that editing, I’ve been working on some new maps as well for the sequel. These maps are of the world of Memory in the future timelines.

Future Memory

Jett's Lab

That’s all for now! Thanks for reading.

~ Riddle Weaver

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