Sussiah’s Song

Do you remember those maps in my last post? Well, we’re going to dive back to the planet of Mongrarara and I’ll be sharing some history with you. This song is from the book I’m working on right now called Memory from the Ashes. I hope you enjoy this sneak peak!

(Quick note: During November I will be participating in NaNoWriMo, which stands for National Novel Writing Month. The goal is to write 50,000 words in the month, which means 1,667 words every day. I’ve completed this goal the past two years and have been counting the days since August until it starts. If you’re interested, contact me for more details about NaNoWriMo.)


If, if

Thoughts became light

That tilted head had

A story to write

If so

Where to go

But the shop just down the lane

Where pages flip

And pencils trip

And some even melt into rain

So, now

Travel more

Trace your way to academy’s door

The Soko Guild is sure to agree

Traveler’s Treaty makes some carefree

Though caution some

Or lose your thumb

Here where training is for three

Yes, why

Nyimsas cry

Slaves all held with chain

The master thwacks

His whip on backs

And looks on with disdain

Look, see

And disagree, with

The hourglass near the central place

Keeping track and watching pace

Of nyimsas fighting, nyimsas caught

Weight of war down pressing

Move, on

To find the dawn

Glowing on the human towns

Never thought they’d see the day

Paper worth more than golden pounds

Though gold has greater weigh

Fear, comes

The plague moves surely

Those who used to be up class

Aren’t now so securely

Living with a cough and cold

Dying young, few left are old

What happened to this army mass

Those who were the upper class

If, if

Slave supporters still ran free

Per, haps

There’d still be order to society

For, now

Elrai hide and lies abound

Since, then

Stock of dragon bones and empty dens

Bye, friend

As this song comes to its end.

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