Sorry for Disappearing!

Hello fellow Riddle Weavers!

I hope all your summers have been a steady stream of sun and fun.

Sorry for my disappearance from my website . . . but before you go, I can explain! I’ve been having an incredible time writing this summer. Well, writing, editing, outlining, rewriting, proofreading, developing characters, and building worlds.

What exactly have I been up to? Lots.

I’ve been outlining and rewriting the second edition of Defenders of Lord Havom: Lake of Fire, and editing the other six books in the series. (See more in my “Books” section.)

The Eighth Magician Trilogy (co-authored with my amazing sister) is now progressing into the second book called The Sky Source, and we have brainstorm sheet after brainstorm sheet of ideas for the third and final book.

I printed my Camp NaNoWriMo novel, Wings, for my proofreaders to drench in red ink.

But the most exciting writing-related news is . . . drum roll please . . .

I started writing a new book!

Don’t worry, I promise to keep editing all seven Defenders of Lord Havom books.

My new story is about timelines. The chapters alternate in my newest fantasy world between the ancient past and the present. In the past, events happen that change the planet and turn it from a farmland and forest to a blistering scattered desert. These are my maps as they stand now, but I plan to add additional detailed information to them, so look out for a post when I’ve updated these maps and introduced my main characters!


That’s all for now!

Wishing you all a great long weekend,


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